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The Case for Disappearing Emails

Numerous articles propose “effective” methods to handle bloated email inboxes. However, managing such inboxes is not a one-time task, but an ongoing process. With over 67,000 unread emails in my inbox, no email management strategy is as efficient as …

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ChatGPT: Beautiful Liar!

It appears that ChatGPT LLM (large language model) algorithm incorrectly overrides the learning with its interpretation and does it so repetitively that ChatGPT responses look far more erratic than Russian Roulette.

Did I make the Internet faster? Perhaps I did! The first prototype of HTTP compression

Today, I came across an [article]( about the ‘Inventor of email’ expressing his interest in becoming Twitter CEO to Elon Musk. I have no such intentions, but it prompted me to …

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Goodbye Blackberry, Finally!

Some notes from my working with RIM and Microsoft mobile platforms!

VoiceXML — Good, Bad & the Ugly

I came across this post while checking_ [_my inactive blog on archive.org_]( Although the_ article is dated (2009) and some of the …

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Why UAE should open VoIP, and How they can do it without losing Telco Revenue!

In this article, we have described our experience with VoIP services in UAE, why UAE should lift the ban on VoIP, and finally, a disruptive…